While breastfeeding is essential in the baby’s growth, nursing moms find it hard to deal with it sometimes. They say that it is the most natural and most beautiful thing in the world. However, mothers, especially the new ones, can actually have problems breastfeeding.

So, what are those problems of breastfeeding that a mother can encounter? Here is a list.

Problem With Breastfeeding

Yes, breastfeeding can be as intuitive as it may get, and you may have been waiting for this moment to come to you your whole life. Breastfeeding fulfills your motherhood, but as the saying goes by, you have to pass through the rough road, or the experience will be incomplete.

Mothers find the journey of breastfeeding different from each other. No one has the exact journey as the others, but you may be able to get advice from them, especially if it is your first-time to breastfeed a child.

Here is a list of the usual breastfeeding problem that moms encounter:

Breastfeeding can be painful

Breastfeeding can be painful

Breastfeeding is hard, and it can also be painful. You will usually have sore, tender nipples, and you can never ready yourself for this kind of feeling. As your child is continuously sucking into it, you may find your nipples cracking, and most of the time, bleeding. They can also become blistered, and it will hurt once your shirt touches it.

However, you cannot let it rest nor heal, as your baby needs to be breastfed regularly, or you will have to spend the rest of the day with a crying, hungry baby. Also, if you won’t feed your baby for a long time, you will have to deal with engorged breasts and milk clots on the milk ducts. This condition is called breast mastitis, and it is very painful to deal with. You have to put on a hot compress and let the milk leak or your other choices are to let your baby drink it, or you can pump it using a breast pump.

Due to this reason, you will also sometime feel like your breasts are no longer yours- it already belongs to your baby, and according to mom’s testimonials, they felt like a machine producing milk.

It is a serious commitment

Breastfeeding is a serious commitment of time and energy. You have to regularly feed your baby despite working on the other things in your life. You have to feed your baby while cooking, cleaning the house, watching TV, reading your favorite book, and many more. You even have to sacrifice your sleep or your time in the restroom just to make sure that your baby will not go hungry. Some mother’s felt like they already have no time for themselves.

Also, when your baby undergoes growth spurts, you will notice that you have to feed him or her for a longer time than usual. This means less time for your other activities.

Furthermore, as we have said multiple times before, breastfeeding is a serious commitment. Especially if you have a heart problem and your baby has tongue ties, you will feel like breastfeeding is a sentence to stay in a chair for a long time, carrying a child who is always crying. The tongue-tie or ankyloglossia is a condition in which there is a band of tissue that tethers the tongue and hinders movement. If your child has this, he or she will have a hard time sucking breast milk from you.

If you cannot imagine a life of sacrifices, then maybe breastfeeding isn’t for you.

You will have to breastfeed in different places

breastfeed in different places

For first-time breastfeeding moms, this can be one of the major challenges. It is a common breast feed problem if to let your child suck on your nipples in public. Most of the public places don’t give enough provisions for mothers and their babies. Because of this, many mothers are forced to do breastfeeding in public areas such as when riding the train, when going to the park, and many more. It may be a weird and embarrassing experience, especially for new mothers.

Some people around you will find breastfeeding in public as an unpleasant sight. You have no choice but to have to endure them because you care less about them than to let your child go hungry. This is just one of the many things a breastfeeding mother has to go through, and this can be made worse by green-minded people who think that breasts are sexual objects.

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You may not have enough breastmilk

Some mothers may not have enough breastmilk and will need supplements to increase their production. As mentioned before, the breastfeeding journey is different for everyone. If you don’t have enough milk, then the reason behind that can be the slow changes in your hormonal activity. Your prolactin may not be acting more dominantly, which is why your breasts are slow in terms of producing milk.

If you are experiencing this, you may consult lactation consultants online and see if they can give you some tips on how you can induce your production of breastmilk. On the other hand, you may also try to feed your child more frequently than usual to stimulate your milk ejection reflex.

What Can You Do?

You might constantly ask yourself what can you do in order to overcome these problems that come with breastfeeding. Well, there are many things that you can do, mothers all over the internet know what you feel. Same as you, they felt like they are alone in the process, they have been depressed, and they might have even tried quitting. This is the reason why they are doing everything to ease each other’s problems like setting up forums and blogs for new mothers and the existing ones who are experiencing new dilemmas.

You can seek support from a lactation consultant. They have every solution to your problems, even the most complex one!

As the saying goes by, no one should be left behind! Mothers are all in this together!