Have you been reading the scare stories for new moms about foods to avoid when breastfeeding? Want to know the truth about them? Finally, you have an accurate resource available at your fingertips.

Contrary to popular belief and scare stories, there are no absolute foods to avoid when breastfeeding. As a new mom, it is incredibly easy to buy into all of the orders that unreliable sources often give out. You must not do this and cannot do that they say, when in fact everything in moderation is a good maxim to use. There are guidelines that can help you in terms of advice on foods to avoid when breastfeeding in certain circumstances and those are outlined for you below.

There are no absolute guidelines on foods to avoid when breastfeeding because all moms and babies are very different. In truth, what works for one mom will not work for another so it is all about trial and error, balancing your diet where you can for the good of your baby. You do not need to pay much attention to changing your diet after you give birth so that your breast milk is not flavored because your baby will already be used to it. All babies actually swallow amniotic fluid prior to their births and so they will already be used to the taste of foods you ate during pregnancy.

Foods to avoid when breastfeeding although your baby will be used to the foods you ate during pregnancy, you might want to read up a little on foods to avoid when breastfeeding as recommended by new moms. As they were in the same position as you, they are worth listening to on this topic because many found that eating certain foods prior to breastfeeding made their babies a little fussy, and many moms offered the same foods to avoid when breastfeeding. For example, many advocate avoiding spice, chocolate, citrus fruits, and vegetables that cause gas. All children are different though so your little one might object to something else. Always note a change in behavior for a few days and work out the cause of that.

There are some drinks that you might want to moderate when breastfeeding in addition to working out the foods to avoid when breastfeeding to suit your baby. For example, if you drink a cup of coffee a day then the caffeine probably will not bother your baby too much but drinking more than two cups a day could disrupt your baby’s sleep and cause fussiness. This also applies to soft drinks, tea, and certain medications containing caffeine too. Alcohol is another element of your diet to limit. One unit of alcohol is fine every now and again but more than that will raise the level of alcohol in your blood so that it gets into your milk. This is obviously not good for the baby.

Bearing all of the above in mind, there is one circumstance under which there are foods to avoid when breastfeeding and that is if they cause allergies. If there is a family history of severe food allergies then it is advisable to avoid the nine main causes of food allergies – food additives, soy, wheat, shellfish, egg, citrus fruit, cow’s milk, shellfish, and nuts. Even if there is no history of allergies, you should note any fussiness, diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes, and congestion to find out what is causing the problem for your baby.

In short, you should only pay attention and select foods to avoid when breastfeeding based on your own baby’s reaction to your milk. This way, you can both be happy, nourished, and healthy!

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