Many people are fond of tattoos for so many reasons.  However, it is important to think about several health considerations before getting one. This is specifically true for women who wish to get a tattoo while breastfeeding.Of course, you do not want your breast milk to get compromised because it would certainly have a negative impact on your baby. You might be wondering if getting a tattoo is one of the factors you should take into account so your baby remains safe and sound. Fortunately, we will cover tattoos and breastfeeding in this article.

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Safety Concerns Of Getting Tattoos While Breastfeeding

Tattoos While Breastfeeding

Tattooing while breastfeeding garnered mixed opinions from different individuals as well as medical organizations. It is not forbidden by any governing body since there is no significant evidence that a breastfeeding tattoo negatively affects your body or your breast milk for that matter.

However, many organizations advise you not to ink yourself postpartum because your body is still undergoing some changes. Your body has grown in nine months for carrying a baby inside. Hence, you should expect it to start shrinking after giving birth. Getting a tattoo is most fitting after your body has transitioned back to its form before pregnancy.

You should also know that there are tattoo artists that do not accommodate customers that are still breastfeeding. It raises an issue of liability, and some of them are concerned about the risks despite the lack of evidence regarding the negative impacts of tattoo breastfeeding.

Should you decide to get a tattoo even if you’re breastfeeding, inform your tattoo artist so he or she can ink you more gently.  However, signing a waiver is required in cases like this. Among other things, make sure you also follow universal precautions to ensure your safety as well as your baby’s.

Risks of Tattoos and Breastfeeding

Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? Perhaps, you already know that getting a tattoo carries a lot of risks. Otherwise, you would not be having a query like this. As far as tattoo inks are concerned, they are not approved nor regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration for tattoos. This is because it contains chemicals and harmful materials such as heavy metals.

Even if this will be your first time, you might already know that to get a tattoo, your skin will be repeatedly poked using a small needle. This tool is coated with ink that is deposited in the dermis which is the second layer of our skin. Tattoo artists would inform you of the possible risks before they proceed with getting a tattoo.

  • You may experience allergic reactions due to the ink used for tattoos.
  • You may also get a skin infection that is often indicated by itching, redness, irritation, or pus on your tattoo.
  • For more serious risks, you may also acquire blood infections such as HIV, hepatitis C, tetanus, or MRSA. These often happen when the equipment used for giving a tattoo is unsterilized. When you get any of these infections, that is when tattoo becomes risky for breastfeeding. This is because some treatments intended for them may not be compatible with those who are still breastfeeding.

So what needs to be answered is, can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? You can have a tattoo but know the possible consequences before allowing a tattoo artist to ink your body. Apart from that, you should also equip yourself with universal precautions to lessen the chance of contracting infections. While you do what you wish with your skin, you must still ensure the safety of your baby

Precautions on Getting a Tattoo

Should you decide to continue despite the potential hazards, make sure to take some precautions before you let that ink deposit in your skin. What you can do to minimize threats are outlined as follows:

  • Go to an established tattoo facility with a professional artist to ensure your safety. Before you get ink, check if the establishment sterilizes their equipment.
  • Carefully decide where you want to place your tattoo. Of course, you will still be breastfeeding so you should only put it in a spot where your baby would not rub against.
  • Seek medical opinion first before getting a tattoo. Ask your doctor if you have a certain health condition that can be triggered such as blood clotting.
  • Always make sure to clean the spot where you got ink so you would not have to worry about getting any infection.

Is tattoo removal allowed when you’re breastfeeding?

In case you want a tattoo removal while breastfeeding, you should first think about some health considerations too. While there is no strong evidence that it is harmful, some medical organizations advise against it. To remove tattoos, professionals use lasers to break down the ink into smaller particles. Afterwhich, your immune system sweeps it to your liver so it can be filtered out of your body.

Indeed, no one has proven yet that these particles do not get into your milk supply. However, wait until you stopped breastfeeding before you get a tattoo removal to make sure your baby does not ingest it.

Tattoos and Breastfeeding

Tattoos and Breastfeeding

You may proceed with getting a tattoo as you wish, but waiting for 9-12 months before you do so is highly recommended. This is to ensure that your breastfeeding capacity does not get compromised. Otherwise, your baby would not get as many nutrients as supposed to. Your body is also still shrinking postpartum, so your desired ink may not come out as beautiful as you thought when you rush it.

Holding it off would not be as big a deal as acquiring different infections. It is better to be a hundred percent certain that your baby is in a perfect condition than regret it later. You can still commemorate memories by getting a tattoo precisely when you stopped breastfeeding already. But then again, there are differing opinions when it comes to tattoos and breastfeeding. Follow which you feel strongly for the most.