Breast Feeding To Husband Photos Improve Relationship?


Breastfeeding should not be new to anyone, as most of us had tried it at some point. However, have you heard of adult breastfeeding? Some people tend to look down on those in these kinds of relationships as it is seen by the public as a taboo. Not only that, people who are in breastfeeding relationships tend to be looked down upon at times.


This kinky activity usually gets popular with men and women who are about to discover their sexual life and breastfeeding is one of those who can intensify it. The more you know, the merrier it is.


What if I told you that despite public opinions, adult breast feedings have benefits beyond one’s imagination? The amount of benefits it brings are uncountable, but here, we specifically talk about the one which improves relationships.


However, before that, do remember that this isn’t always the case and may sometimes backfire. I do think that communication should be prioritised before proceeding with such activities. Make sure you talk with your partner beforehand as one may not be comfortable with this idea and may result in fight breakouts.


Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!


How does Breastfeeding to Husband Improve Relationship?


When you are pregnant, your body starts to have drastic changes while new functions are added to your body. After days of childbirth, your breasts will be starting to be filled with breastmilk. Some women who have experienced this described it as someone had replaced their breast with grapefruits instead. Most women could not bear the pain from it, and often need their husband to be there for her.


When we say “breastfeeding to a husband”, we don’t always mean that the woman is breastfeeding her husband, but sometimes it may be referred to as the period where the woman has to breastfeed her child.


At times like this, the woman would be suffering in agony , and well, that’s where the husband comes into place. He can always comfort his wife to compensate for the uneasy feeling that is felt by the woman. This way, you and your husband will be able to go through hard times together, offering reliability to one another.  


Of course, breastfeeding is able to intensify ones sex life. Some men or women have a fetish of either breastfeeding or being breastfed. I’m sure every man has or had at least one fantasy of being breastfed by their partner. The reason for this is unknown and can not be explained by any of the men. However, some say that it resembles their mother and reminds them of their toddlerhood.


When you are able to satisfy his fantasy, he will become more deeply in love with you. Emotions may play a large part in this as wrong feelings may lead to emotional hurdles and may cause discomfort between the two.


Some women are actually upset with their husbands who desire to suck on their nipple. Maybe this is because they feel violated in one way or another. This is absolutely normal if you react the same, I mean like, why would a grown man suckle on your breasts anyway?


However, let’s say that you’re into this kinky stuff, both of you could end up having the best time of your lives. Breastfeeding with your husband will be able to insert an element of intimacy in your sex life. Intimacy will be able to let you get a closer understanding of your partner. 


During a session of breastfeeding, there is no way that you would just stare at each other; automatically, conversations will spark up. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get some private time with your husband and communicate with him. Most likely you’ll be able to receive some information which is otherwise impossible to hear at other times. Men don’t share everything openly, and it has to be led by a factor, and breastfeeding might just do the trick. Communication plays an essential part while you both get to understand each other better. Who knows? Maybe he’d tell you something that you’d die to hear.


Furthermore, during breastfeeding, both of your bodies will be in contact with the closest. Here you can feel the warmth of your partner and feel a sense of peace in mind. This may allow both of you to feel included in both of your lives. Your husband will also get to feel the comfort of your care while you breastfeed him.


However, there is a limit to how much you should breastfeed your husband. Yes, it may seem that breastfeeding your husband will be able to pull you both closer together. However, we don’t want to risk our health now, wouldn’t we? No matter how much you’ve bonded with your husband, it is pointless if he has to worry about your health in the future.




When Not To Breastfeed Your Partner


It would be best if you stopped breastfeeding your partner as soon as you feel any sore around your breast or nipple area. This may be because the milk ducts are clogged, or your breasts have been bruised. It may demotivate you from breastfeeding your husband in the near future.


Infectious diseases are not to be taken lightly. If you have any HIV or contagious illness, it is also not suggested to perform such an act. Sexually transmitted diseases may be crucial as it may affect your husband and your child. Without caution, this will endanger your health along the way. You don’t want either of your precious ones to get infected.




With all that being said, adult breastfeeding should only be practised between adults and stay afar from children. Although breastfeeding your husband may be able to closen up your relationship, it is still not a 100 percent guarantee. Choose the right environment and setting, and all will go well.


After all that, do you think you should start breastfeeding your husband? Has our article sparked a new inspiration in you?


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