Breastfeeding advice – Now there are two words that are enough to send most moms to their knees in gratitude! When you are pregnant, you most likely worried about breastfeeding but did not put too much thought into it when people kept telling you it was easy enough to do and you would probably find the whole process intuitive. Now you know better, breastfeeding advice is probably more than welcome. After all, any advice that can help you to get into the swing of things and reduce your own anxiety about the situation can really boost your confidence and thus your time spent with your little one as well.

There are several key elements of breastfeeding advice that you should take into consideration. All of these elements are considered to be basics but, as a result, they are often things that new moms do not know because those asking for advice assume that you will already have been told that. So what advice should you take? Start with the following points and you will not go far wrong. 

Check Your Positioning

Always make sure that you are comfortable before you offer your baby your breast. This is one of the most important pieces of breastfeeding advice because failing to do so will not only give you a bad back but can jeopardize the experience for both of you.

The Both Breasted Approach

Always offer your baby both breasts every time you feed. This is because the milk produced in one breast may not be enough. Your little one will feed until satisfied and will then drop off your breast automatically so do not be worried about overfeeding.

Use Natural Moisturizer

One of the pieces of breastfeeding advice that you will probably not be given is to rub a couple of drops of milk into your nipples after a feed. This is nature’s way of preventing dryness and keeping your nipple soft for the baby.

Pay Attention To Tenderness

If your breasts are tender during the first few days of breastfeeding then do not be surprised as this is completely natural. However, if you find that your breasts are sore over an extended period of time then ask your doctor for advice because it could be anything from mastitis to overproduction. Asking for breastfeeding advice quickly will spare you a lot of pain!