What Is All About Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR)?

I’m sure we’ve all heard baby nursing before, which is pretty common, but what about adult nursing? You’d be surprised that despite being fully grown adults, nursing is still practised all around the globe. It appears as one of the many fetishes and kinks that humans have, and adult nursing relationships are one of the many which are coming to light. 

Quick fact: Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR) do not always turn out to be sexual.

As for this, a variety of reasons remain, including – to feel a sense of belonging, to feel comforted, relaxes them or to feel turned on.

With that being said, you wouldn’t be here right now if you weren’t interested in it or have no intention of understanding it, right? Hence, Sit back, relax, get a pen and notebook, and we’ll get right into it.


What is An Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR)


To put it simple, Adult nursing relationships (ANR) happens when two adults of consent breastfeed each other – This does not limit to only opposit sex. Usually, in a heterosexual relationship, the man will suckle on the woman’s breast. Do note that the woman does not have to be pregnant; hence milk may or may not be present. Throughout the entire process, both parties may feel sexual and turned on by it.


You may be wondering, why do people want to be in an adult nursing relationship (ANR)? Wouldn’t they feel intimidated or infantilized? Well, to some, it may be, however, there are still several reasons why people choose to be in an Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR).


Let’s take a more in-depth look into the reasons for which people choose to be in an adult nursing relationship (ANR), shall we?


Why Do People Want to Be In an Adult Nursing Relationship?

Some of these reasons include as the following:

-It Makes Them Feel Nurtured

-Sexual Fetish

– They Like The Taste

– Aware of Health Benefits

– Arouses Them

– Stimulating Breast into Creating More Milk

– Keeps the Balance of Unevenness of Breasts


They Feel Nurtured

We all know that breastfeeding is a very maternal thing to do, usually during a newly born baby. However, some men will feel attracted to it as it provides a feeling of being looked after. Adult nursing may allow one to feel relaxed and cared for, just like a child. Based on research, most men will feel practically inclined to breastfeed if he has a tempestuous relationship with their mother. Hence adult nursing relationships help them to receive a sensation of being cared for by a woman.


Sexual Fetish

Sexual fetishes and fantasies exist in many of us, which in this case, mostly towards the female process of lactation. To some of them, it may be a massive turn on. Thou, not all men know why they are fixated on adult nurturing, and most likely they won’t be able to explain, however, there’s just a thing or two that they enjoy about it.


They Like The Taste

I can’t tell you what breast milk tastes like, but what I can say is that some grown men find breast milk flavourful and they absolutely love it! As mentioned before, adult nursing does not necessarily mean that the woman should be pregnant and producing milk, which in this case, they are. Men usually get hooked up with this milk when they try it after having a newborn baby. Very few, but there are some who say that the taste brings back memories of the past.


Aware of Health Benefits

Due to the fact that breastmilk is milk in its purest form, it has brought attention to men who are really cautious about health. They think that breast milk produced by women may boost energy levels and help them in building muscle mass. Some say that it even boosts the immune system. Would you give it a try?


It Arouses Them

Adult nursing appears to be an extreme version of nipple stimulation, which turns women on. You would not imagine how many women find their partners touch, such as licking or playing with their nipples arousing.  However, do note that breastfeeding a baby and breastfeeding a man is entirely different. Just because they get aroused by their partner’s touch, it doesn’t mean they feel the same about babies. It is more towards the stimulation in an erotic setting.


Stimulating Breast into Creating More Milk

As weird as it may seem, it is actually common for women to want their partners to nurse on them if she is trying to produce more breastmilk for her baby. Scientists have proven that suckling actions towards women’s breasts can stimulate the breast into creating more breastmilk. This may come as exciting news to mothers who are unable to produce sufficient milk for their newly born child.


I’d say this is a win-win situation for mothers as they get to be turned on while efficiently producing more breastmilk.


Keeps Balance of Unevenness of Breasts

There are women whom encourage their partners to be breastfed by them. This may be due to them realizing that breastfeeding their infant has caused their breasts to be uneven. During breastfeeding, a baby will most likely stick to one side of the mothers’ breasts, which in the long run will cause a deformity on either side. Hence the woman would prefer the partner to feed on the other side to even out the appearance.


Despite those being said, boundaries still have to be set.


There are situations where nursing relationships may not be suitable for both parties, especially when one of them is not comfortable with it. This may be due to human morale, especially if your partner has Genophobia.


Indications that you should stay away from Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR) are when breasts start to get painful. This may be because the milk duct is clogged, and the nipples become sore. Do bear in mind that this can cause serious health issues, most commonly mastitis if not taken seriously.


After all that, do you think you’re ready to step into an adult nursing relationship (ANR)? Don’t rush it if you’re not and for those who are, don’t get too overboard with it.


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